I am participating in exhibitions on a regular basis and this is a great opportunity to get in contact with me and learn more about my work. If you like to stay tuned for information I will be happy to notify you by email for upcoming events. Just write me a short message to let me know.

This is what I am up to next:

Gottfried Brockmann Preis 2019
Vernissage: 6. Dezember 201, 19:00
Duration of Exhibition: 7. Dezember 2019 to 7. Februar 2020
Place: Stadtgalerie Kiel
Andreas-Gayk-Straße 31, 24103 Kiel

More Information: https://www.kiel.de/de/kultur_freizeit/museum/_kalendereintrag.php?232527

Das klinische Bild – Kunst beflügelt Genesung
Vernissage: 25. April 2019, 17:00
Duration of Exhibition: April 2019 to 1. März 2020
Medizin- und Pharmaziehistorische Sammlung der Universität Kiel, Brunswiker Straße 2, 24105 Kiel

Opening Times:
Di–Fr 10.00 –16.00
So 12.00–16.00
More Information: http://www.med-hist.uni-kiel.de

Illustration: Lotta Bracker